AI and National Disability Employment Awareness

Anders Kingstedt, CEO at Mjukvarukraft:
”Having a hearing impaired son, it felt relevant to acknowledge that October is the National Disability Employment Awareness month (in the US). My son is a graphic design major and XC/T&F standout at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT, Rochester, NY). Otto is currently doing his last two semesters at RIT. After graduating, my son Otto will be looking for a job as a graphic designer. I hope that the NDEA month and the new amazing features that AI provides will create new opportunities for anyone with communication challenges. In the attached video, a RIT student is highlighting how Microsoft’s AI technology can be used for real-time speech to text recording. In a recent lunch with RIT’s president David Munson I learned that Microsoft is collaborating with RIT in the AI space. Amazing. BTW – if you’re looking for an awesome graphic designer, just contact me and I will forward Otto’s contact information.”

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