Black Friday once-in-a-lifetime Integration deal!

Don’t miss out on your chance to get the integration solution you always wanted but couldn’t afford! Mjukvarukraft has assembled its best resources, technologies and experiences to offer an outstanding integration solution…

Well. We’re not quite there yet, right? Building the right integration solution is typically a pretty cumbersome endeavor. It takes time and resources. Historically, it’s required the procurement of a dedicated integration platform (“EIA” tool). The integration projects also typically span over many different systems boundaries, departments and even both internal as well as external business units. It can be, and often time is, pretty darn hard to create integration solution.

Easy integration with the Integration Factory™

Enter Mjukvarukraft’s Integration Factory. Based on past experiences and our collective expertise, we’ve created the capability to develop and provision integration solutions in no time. Reusing and adopting “building blocks” to the client’s needs, we’re able to keep costs down while ensuring high quality and maintainable integration solutions.

The integration Factory provides:

  • Ready to use integration elements
  • Application Azure based monitoring
  • Templates for documentation
  • Kick start procedures to establish integration teams and Life Cycle management
  • And much more!

Skip Black Friday and let us help you

Avoid other vendors promises of quick fixes and complex solutions. Black Friday for integration is not, yet, possible. But we’re working on it!

Please contact us for more information!